Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities:

High Sierra's students have the opportunity to enroll in optional extracurricular activities that take place at our school. The fees for these extracurricular activities are paid directly to the companies providing the services.

Woods Valley Music 

Mrs. Sabine Spencer of Woods Valley Music travels to our school each week to provide our preschoolers with music lessons. Through musical fun the children become familiar with basic music concepts such as rhythm, melody, tempo and dynamics. The classes dance, sing, make up silly rhymes and play instruments. The classes are 35 minutes long. Parents are welcome to observe. For more information please visit www.WoodsValleyMusic.com.

About the Instructor:

Mrs. Spencer is a credentialed school music teacher.  She has over 20 years of experience as a singer, teacher and choir director.  She also provides private piano and voice instruction.  She recently received her license as a Music Together® early childhood music teacher.


Fun-Nastics is a mobile gymnastics program that takes place at our preschool. Each class begins with lively music choreographed for the warm-up, stretch and dance routines.  The young gymnasts are then led through a brightly colored obstacle course, learning a variety of gymnastics skills and other sport movements as they master the challenges in their paths. Motor and cognitive skill development proceeds in a mutually supportive manner, and the children are too busy having fun to notice!  For more information please visit www.fun-nastics.com.